Secrets of a lazy plant-based cook: Part 2 – the Vitamix

Ever since I made the switch to whole food, plant-based (wfpb) eating a year ago, I’ve been making a lot of dishes that require a good strong blender. I started off with a Nutribullet, and it’s pretty good for the price, but a couple of months ago I splurged on a Vitamix and I love it. I was able to get a refurbished model (indistinguishable from brand new) on sale directly from the company so it wasn’t nearly as expensive as I’d thought it might be.


I use this blender at least once or twice a day. Here are a few of the things I make with my Vitamix:

Green smoothies

I jam a whole bunch of greens, a banana and some frozen pineapple in the jar. I put whatever spices or extras I feel like: cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, green tea leaves, oats, beans, lemon or leftovers and some water. The Vitamix makes short work of it all and I have a green, frothy, healthy and sometimes delicious smoothie.

Hummus, sauces and dressings

The Vitamix can take almost anything and blend it into a smooth dip or sauce. Beans, tofu and nuts work very well as the base. I add miso, lemon, garlic and other flavourings along with a liquid such as water or plant milk to thin it to the appropriate consistency.

Frozen fruit “ice cream” desserts

Frozen bananas blended in the Vitamix make a sweet, creamy, cold dessert and can be gussied up with cocoa powder or another fruit such as strawberries. Frozen cherries with a couple of dates, some cocoa and plant milk make a very refreshing, chocolatey treat.

Turmeric latte

20161120_185739_hdrI just discovered the joy of turmeric latte, or golden milk. It is a cup of plant milk blended with 3 dates, 1/4 teaspoon turmeric and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla. This is a frothy, sweet but earthy milk that everyone in the family enjoys.  It can be served hot or cold. The recipe I use is from Clean Food Dirty Girl.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of what the Vitamix can do. It certainly makes life in the plant-based kitchen easier and more fun.

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