Better than wood cellulose vegan almond “parm”

A few months ago it came out that some cheese manufacturers weren't putting any actual Parmesan cheese in their grated Parmesan cheese. They were using wood cellulose, however, and other cheaper cheeses, and creating a product that no one really likes. Now, this doesn't affect me, or hopefully you, because we don't eat animal products. But … Continue reading Better than wood cellulose vegan almond “parm”

How to make easy paper bag popcorn

Forget your hot air poppers, Jiffy Pops, high-fat toxic microwave popcorn, and special pots for stove top popping. You can make no added fat popcorn in the microwave with nothing more than a paper lunch bag. The bag can be reused quite a few times, then composted when it finally deteriorates too far.